“To command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less.” 

Andre Malraux

To serve is one of life's greatest honors

As an army spouse myself I understand how unique military life can be and am honored to be able to capture for you all of those incredible fleeting moments.

As a Cadet their are many firsts and one time achievements. 

Cadet events, such as Ring Weekend, 100th night, the night before graduation and Graduation Day come and go SO quickly and are a special time in a Cadet's life and time of service. 

It is my mission to preserve those important memories so they can be cherished and shared with family and friends for years to come.

As a Military Service Member For military service members, you have put the time in. So when promotions come around, or other milestones, you want to celebrate these moments because of the sacrifice your families have made, the accomplishments you have completed, but most of all, what you will do in the future.
Capturing these moments become priceless after your service is completed. And, well, it's the uniform. How often do you wear the full dress in celebration? I love capturing a spouses' admiration towards their service member when they are in uniform. That look of pride, respect, and affection

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Cadet + Military Sessions

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Cadet packages start at $250.
Military Event Packages, Please inquire below.

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