Welcome to the Events Page of Simply Rustic Photography! I love working events! There are so many people with amazing stories that love to be told. Although I am located on a military installation and the events that I work are 90% military, I love working events off post. I would be lying if I didn't also say I love the military and the events I have gotten to work. There is something about taking oaths of service, sacrifice and dedication, the uniform, it's all beautiful to me!

With that said, yes I have photographed funerals. No it's not weird. As one of my clients said to me, it's the last moments I get to spend with my loved one and I want pictures of that. I miss them, and want to hold onto them right now! In one single moment while working a funeral I was told that I was not welcomed, and then the next family member was so excited that I was there so they could get better photos of family group shots! The negative comments don't bother me in the least, because I know what I am doing is important.


Events require special pricing. For promotion ceremonies, it's $150 for the ceremony (1.5 hours total working time). For funerals, it depends on the needs of the family. I do not charge for the military honors portion of the event as that is my gift to you for the sacrifices that have been made. Please send me an inquiry to learn more.

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